You season 3, Did Love and Joe's son Henry survive?

You season 3, what is the ending of Love and Joe's children? Did his son Henry survive?

You season 3 has officially started! This Netflix series has returned. In the third season, Joe and Love moved to a suburb of Madre Linda. They started their lives as newlyweds and parents. Raising his son, Joe and Love are in some trouble due to obsessive and jealous feelings.

The couple did their best to balance raising Henry and resolve their fatal chaos, but this was not enough to prevent Henry from getting sick.

You season 3:Henry got sick and went to the hospital

In the third episode, Henry got sick. The two hurried off work to the hospital, where they found that Henry had been diagnosed with measles. The boy's condition became very serious, because his high fever has not subsided, his parents began to worry about his safety.

Henry’s time in the hospital is the only time in this show that the audience can see a different side of Joe Goldberg. This makes us sympathize with Joe because he wants to give his son the best, and he is more vulnerable than ever. Moreover, this is a traumatic and terrifying situation for any parent.

To make matters worse, Joe was infected with the virus. When he had a high fever, Joe learned that Henry had gone, and he was recovering.

The parents discovered that Henry had contracted measles from Jill's unvaccinated daughter. Needless to say, Love and Joe made Jill pay the price.

After defeating a life-threatening virus, did Henry finally survive?

You season 3:Will Henry survive?

In the third season of "You", little Henry survived.

In the finale of this season, Joe tells Love that he wants a divorce. She poisoned him with aconite and paralyzed him. When she tried to kill Joe, Joe killed love with a needle of aconite, and her heart immediately stopped beating.

It turns out that since Dotty told Joe that she poisoned her first husband, Joe expected Love to do so. Joe injected himself with the antidote before dinner, only to save his life. Then he pretended to be dead and set fire to their house.

Although his plan has always been to take his son to escape and start a new life, he can no longer do that. Finally, Joe handed Henry to a couple who were more suitable for raising him.

Before leaving Henry, Joe told the children: I grew up without good parents, but I know what a good parent should do: to protect the child. The audience sympathized with Joe for giving his baby to others. This is a heartbreaking and painful thing for any parent.

A little further ahead: we see Henry grow up with his adoptive parents and his partner, Lansing. We are very happy to see him grow up under such meticulous care! However, this may not be the best ending for Joe and Henry.

What will happen to Joe and Henry in the fourth season?

Before Netflix launched the third season, the show was renewed for the fourth season. Although Joe is in Paris now, he definitely does not want to abandon his son forever. Before he left Henry, he told Henry that such a predicament is not forever, so we can look forward to their reunion in the next season.


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