Night Teeth Review - Netflix Romantic Vampire Film

Night Teeth Review - Netflix Romantic Vampire Film

"Night Tooth" on Netflix is ​​a brand new teenage vampire movie. In fact, it is like a modern version of Romeo and Juliet, not for everyone. And this is a movie with a strong cast. Read the full "Night Tooth" movie review here.

Night Teeth Review

Netflix "Night Tooth" looks great, but it definitely lacks reliable stories. For most viewers looking forward to classic vampire movies, the love stories of teenagers may not be very good. However, there are a lot of great actors in the cast, which really helped a lot.

Romantic vampire

Of course, "Night Teeth" is a vampire thriller in many ways. However, in the middle of the movie, what we obviously see is a story similar to Romeo and Juliet. It is not so much that the family is the biggest disagreement, as it is the contradiction between humans and vampires.

The movie Night Teeth is not for everyone, or rather, if the overall running time is shorter (because the storytelling is more compact), it may work. When the secondary storyline dragged me away, I started to lose my mind. The visual image keeps my eyes fixed on the screen, but I no longer pay attention to what is happening in the conversation.

Movie role

Undeniably, I wish I could be like Megan Fox and Sidney Sweeney, not like Night Tooth gave me. For Megan Fox, it feels perfect to reproduce her "Jennifer's Body" in such a movie. In fact, she did it. But this is just a scene that was cut too short. Most of it is left to your own imagination.

In addition, after watching all the works of Sydney Sweeney from HBO's "Euphoria" to "Nocturne" released on Halloween in 2020, I expected more of her performance in "Night Teeth". Again, Sidney Sweeney and Megan Fox are great, but we saw very few of them. I now hope to have a spin-off show featuring these badass vampires as the protagonist!

It surprised me especially. Yes, these talented actors have such a short time on the screen, in fact, the entire movie is 107 minutes long.

The three absolute stars of "Night Tooth" are Jorge Lendeborg Jr. (Bliss), Debby Ryan (Horse Girl) and Lucy Fry (Bright). I know that the director wants Jorge Lendeborg Jr. to play this role, and he fully meets the requirements of the role. I just don't like this role very much. The roles played by Debby Ryan and Lucy Fry are more interesting.

In addition to these three actors, the remaining two main characters in the movie are played by the outstanding Raúl Castillo ("Dead Legion") and Alfie Allen ("Game of Thrones", "The Seventh Patient"). Usually, I find Alfie Allen’s performance very attractive, although he is not very good in this drama.

Is the movie Night Teeth good?

Adam Randall is the director of "Night Tooth" and we have already reviewed his previous movie "Heaven of Horror". This is the horror movie "I See You" (2019) that we like very much. Most people seem to think so too, because it has a score of 6.8 on IMDb, which is very good.

The screenwriter of "Night Tooth" is very surprising, because the story and style are very different in most aspects. The screenwriter of "Night Tooth" is the newcomer Brent Dillon (Brent Dillon), and his IMDb page only has this new Netflix movie.

Although I do like the visual style of "Night Tooth" (including real vampires), this story didn't help me much. In fact, the core vampire story is influential, but the romantic element is not. I hope that the main group of teenagers and young people will like this part more.

"Night Tooth" will be released on Netflix on October 20, 2021.


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