I found my selfie photos in Chinese TV dramas

I remember taking the photos of the Internet user's parents as the photos of the heroine's parents. It should be said that the wedding photos of the Internet celebrity's parents were taken as the photos of the actor's parents who died early

The Chinese copycat steals the universe first, recently I play EDC, abroad sells the thing of dozens of United States dollars, taobao copycat dozens of RMB.

Embarrassed enough to be caught, boyfriend: At least wearing the same clothes... When the crew wanted to save money: Not only photoshopped, but also photoshopped skin, boyfriend's forehead wrinkles are gone, skin color is white, beard is a little bit less.

Boyfriend: I find the hospital bed more comfortable than the one at home. I almost always pose the same with them.

This probability is really strong enough. I saw a photo of a man's parents in STATION B used as a photo of the parents of the actor who had passed away in a play. At that time, the actor said to the photo that they died in a car accident, it would be ok if the girl didn't mind, and she could claim compensation if she did

Boyfriend: It was all at once. I felt a pain in the back of my head. I fell down and was in the hospital bed. . Isn't it?

If you even copy this, look on the bright side, they confirm your boyfriend's good looks.

Don't worry, the plants inside the wall can't see, they won't feel embarrassed, just need to continue photosynthesis, worthy of China, I really didn't think they could do that

Is everything but the virus copycat? I don't know the mentality of the person responsible for this photo, but it is very funny. How much does it cost you to find a foreign boy to take a picture?

China steals everything, even photos of others. The next thing you know, the girl goes to the crew, the crew apologizes and the two groups laugh for a while. She very generous did not mention what.

Have really poor to so, just hire an extra should not spend too much money. We can only say that it is worthy of the mainland drama. It's so stupid to photocopy someone's photo of a couple as if they were someone else. Is that like asking who he is after waking up?

Then he was so moved that he flew to China and forgot to take the charger. He went there and sent him a lawyer's letter. His boyfriend said that he was lucky to wear the same clothes or he would die

Before there is not the program group directly into other people's mansion shooting, the girl seems to be very rich and a lot of houses and then did not find, have taken half to find? There have been photoshop incidents involving celebrity detectives before, but they used stories and photos of celebrities without permission, which caused waves. This time, on the other hand, there was probably no water at all. Whoever stole the map is a real loser.


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