Human, are you playing me like I'm a monkey?

You invite him to eat a banana, and he shows you how a monkey eats a banana so he's pretty smart, right

Officer: What did you smoke? Why are you so high?
Monkey: I don't know. Maybe it's a strong banana

Low EQ: He's using bananas to capture monkeys
Emotionally intelligent: He's offering bananas to his ancestors

I want to have a big emotional release like him!

How much pressure to be under and not be afraid to cut off your own hand

The monkey wants to eat your banana, but when you give him something else and tease him, he will be angry

In the background, the female monkey watched coldly what was happening.

A mental disorder or other mental defect at the time of the act that rendered it incapable of recognizing that the act was illegal or incapable of recognizing it

There's an alien holding you in a crappy place with no privacy and a different alien visiting you every day and pointing at you

You don't get enough to eat every day and then an alien keeps teasing you with food and doesn't feed you many times.

I haven't had a favorite banana in 500 years...

Do you really think a tiny banana is gonna take care of me?

Maybe the banana had reaper pepper on it

He's the Elvis of the monkey world, the guitar/bass guy who talks about bananas.

Monkey: Don't eat it if you don't give it to me! Throwing bananas in anger

In fact, he just wants to slice the banana into slices and taste the banana elegantly

You know you're in hard mode

This is how bananas are eaten


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